Jan 23, 2015

Gender Neutral Nursery

It wouldn't be nursery week without a gender neutral nursery. For those who choose to keep the gender a mystery until baby's arrival, or for adoptive parents waiting for a baby they have not met, a gender neutral room is a must. But it can be difficult to stay in "the middle" without leaning toward one leaning more toward one gender.

To achieve a balanced look, I stuck with neutrals for the big items (crib, chair, etc), and accented with colors suitable for either gender. This also allows you to change out the accent colors if you want to later, without having to change the whole nursery. 

I hope you've enjoyed my week of nurseries! Did I mention that I am NOT trying to make a big announcement? :)

Gender Neutral Nursery

Jan 21, 2015

Week of Nursery Inspiration: Day 3 // Bohemian Chic

For today's design, I stepped out of my comfort zone and created a bohemian inspired nursery. I love that it's earthy but feminine and even a bit edgy. Hope you love!

Bohemian Chic

Jamie young lamp

H M round rug
$23 - hm.com

Lining curtain

Wall plaque