18 February 2012

A Little Humor

Has anyone seen these hilarious Handmade Ryan Gosling pictures on Pintrest, blogs, and everywhere in between? Well, I got totally into it (NOT because I am obsessed with Ryan Gosling, but because the quotes--the clean ones, that is-- are SO hilarious and SO relatable). My sis and I got really giggly over this site one day, and I decided to submit a few of my own. And one made it! Haha. What a dorky and slightly weird thing to get excited about. Either way, here it is:
***Disclaimer: the Handmade Ryan Gosling website added the sketchy tags beneath the picture! Not me!!***

13 February 2012

12 February 2012

A New Look + Things I Am Loving

Hello all! Happy Hearts Day, one day early. You may notice my new blog look. I can't say I'll keep it forever, especially since it's not my typical style. But, it's fresh and fun for now.

On to more exciting topics... I have been crushing on a few things lately, and I would love to share.

1.) The Glitter Guide: this website is chocked full of all things chic + girly + everything in between. I follow them on Pintrest, and I find myself "repinning" almost every thing they post. Here are a couple of tasty pics from their "Style at Home" section:
2.) Mirrored Furniture and Accessories: I would love one for a nightstand, next to our upholstered headboard (which I am still madly in love with).

{$89.99 @ Target.com}
3.) Kate Spade Electronic Accessories: I recently bought this iPhone cover. It is colorful, but simple enough that I don't get sick of having to look at it.

{$50 @ katespade.com}
{$338 @ katespade.com}

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

05 January 2012

Great Printable

I love me a great printable. Especially when the printable contains a scripture. Thank you to joy ever after for this awesome printable of Psalm 31!

{download the above printable here}

02 January 2012

January Calendar- Free Download

Well, I am obviously not great at updating my blog, despite my desires. But, I am good at planning to do it. In essence of planning, I have created a January PDF calendar that is free to any of my sweet readers. Print, plan, enjoy!

PS, one of my New Years resolutions is to update my blog more... We'll see!
{click on banner above to access PDF}